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Bulla's Colac expansion

Posted: 11 July 2012

Green light for Bulla Colac expansion

Synonymous with Colac, Bulla Dairy Foods is excited to announce the commencement of its new Forest Street premises following approval by Colac Otway Shire Council late last year.

Celebrating its 90th anniversary within the community, Bulla Dairy Foods will be extending its presence in the area when construction on a new state-of-the-art facility commences this month.

Retaining its Connor Street site, the completion of the new innovation centre will be the new home to 50 administrative staff, merging the two additional Colac sites into one at Forest Street and allowing for significant employment opportunities across everything from HR staff to Product Technologists.

With the facilities enlarging the staffing quarters as well as introducing a state-of-the-art sensory technology and customised pilot plant, General Manager Chilled Operations, James Downey, says the company is preparing for a strong future in the region.

“Creating a facility that caters for up to 100% more administrative staff than currently employed as well as 150 additional parking spaces, we’re confident that our role as one of Australia’s leading dairy companies will only strengthen which in turn will support employment in Western Victoria for years to come.”

As an Australian owned and run company, Bulla Dairy Foods operates under the family values of Trust and Teamwork, Communication, Growth and Family Life – principles that Downey says are intrinsic with the rationale of the new innovation centre.

“As well as demonstrating Bulla Dairy Foods as a progressive FMCG dairy producer in Australia, the new facilities promise to reinforce the company’s commitment to the community in terms of employment, regional involvement and advancement of the local economy,” Downey adds.

Already an employer to over 500 staff across Victoria – 150 of which currently work in the three Colac sites – the development of Bulla Dairy Foods’ Forest Street premises will cater for:

  • The factoring in of a 100% increase in the administrative staff headcount
  • The factoring in of 150 additional parking spaces
  • Optimised speed to market for new products via a customized pilot factory
  • State of the art sensory analysis and laboratory facilities
  • A commitment to minimizing the environmental impact, notwithstanding the corporate obligations of business to be economically responsible

With the development expected to be complete by late 2012, Bulla Dairy Foods General Manager Chilled Operations, James Downey, says the community and greater region alike will be taken along on the journey.

“As respect for the community and our stakeholders, Bulla Dairy Foods will be releasing information on the site’s development as and when the various stages occur,” Downey says.